Whatever reason you want to spy on a cell phone...

You need to catch a cheating spouse or partner, you have a son or daughter you need parental monitoring mobile software for, or ANY reason you need to monitor and track ALL the activities and communications of ANYONE cell phone...

EasySpy Cell Tracker spy application gets the job done fast and easy!


1 - Android tracker

2 - Blackberry tracker

3 - Iphone tracker

4 - Remote tracker


  EasySpy Cell Tracker Spy Feature Cell Tracker Members Area
Record ALL Conversations - Clear audio recordings of EVERY conversation that takes place on the cell phone. Recordings of both sides of the conversation are silently uploaded to your account (accessible on your cell phone) where they are stored and saved and can be listened to any time. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members cell phone conversation recordings.
Track All Calls - See exact time of every cell phone call they make and receive, if each call was incoming or outgoing phone call, how long each cell phone call lasts, as well as phone numbers calls are made to and received from. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area calls history window.
Track All Text Messages (SMS) - See exact time of each SMS, if each SMS was incoming or outgoing text message, phone numbers text messages are sent to and received from, as well as exact text message - word for word - as it was sent and received. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area SMS text messages window.
Location Tracking (GPS) - See their EXACT location at all times. Position or location of cell phone (and thus them) is displayed on a REAL map in your free EasySpy Cell Tracker members area with street names, town names and every other feature you find on a regular map. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area GPS location tracking window.
Email Tracking - Spy on all emails they send and receive with mobile phone, exact time each email sent and received, exact contents of each email exactly as sent and received. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area emails tracking window.
Photo Tracking - Every picture taken with target phone is yours to view. Sent to email address entered during installation. Can be saved to your computer, cell phone or USB flash drive. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area mobile phone photographs and videos captured tracking window.
Video Tracking - Video captured via target phone will be yours to view. Sent to email address entered during installation. Can be saved to your computer, cell phone or USB flash drive. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area mobile phone photographs and videos captured tracking window.
Secret Audio Surveillance - From any cell phone, send a special EasySpy SMS to the target phone to activate their phones microphone turning it into audio bugging device. Hear everything said in the room above a whisper! Listen to conversation of all parties involved as is you were in the room. EasySpy Cell Tracker Members area mobile phone audio surveillance recordings window.


Cell phone monitoring of the cheating spouse is the best and fastest way to catch them.

A cell phone is the perfect tool for the cheating partner and spouse. A cheating spouse cell phone is a portable communication device that allows them to communicate with their secret lover in so many ways. The most frequently used method a cheating partner will use to communicate with their illicit lover using their cell phone is by sending and receiving text messages.

Sending and receiving text messages can be done in total silence by your unfaithful spouse while they are in the very next room and you will have no idea!

They can delete text messages as soon as they are received!

Their Cell Phone is also your Best Friend to Catch Your Spouse Cheating!

Secret stealth monitoring of your cheating unfaithful partners cell phone lets you know everything they say and do with their secret lover - INSTANTLY and at ALL TIMES.


Mobile devices present new danger to kids and challenges to parents.

Today lots of children and almost every teenager has a mobile device and uses it every day. Cell phones for kids are a double edged sword because while a cell phone allows you to have constant contact with your kids a cell phone also allows you kids to have contact with anyone including a relative stranger!.

Do you know who your kids talk with on their cell phone? HOW do you know, for sure, who your child or teen is talking with? Are your kids sending sexually explicit photos of themselves to others? (a practice referred to as sexting)

Cell Tracker and Monitoring Sofware on your Child or Teens Cell Phone lets YOU See EVERYTHING!

Mobile monitoring sofware like EasySpy Cell Tracker on their cell phone lets you be like a fly on your children or teens shoulder at all times.


Remote phone spy to spy on cell phone without installing spy app to target phone.

What if you can't get a hold of their cell phone to install spy software to it OR the target mobile is not compatible with other spy software?

Need to spy on a cell phone but there is no way you can get a hold of the target phone to install spy software?

No problem - we've got you covered. The complete Cell Tracker download package includes a remote phone spy for just such a purpose. The Cell Tracker remote phone spy is a computer software program you can place on any laptop or desktop PC.

To stop tracking and spying on their phone remotely simply close the program. Although the remote spy package that is part of the EasySpy Cell Tracker download does not have all the spy feature of the Android, Blackberry and Iphone spy package being able to spy on their phone calls, text messages and emails will reveal a lot without them having any clue.

Cell Tracker remote phone spy software interface.
EasySpy Cell Tracker remote phone spy software interface.


Overall user reviews of EasySpy cell phone tracker app.

Mike McCalla, Mobile Alabama, U.S.A.

"I am not computer savvy at all but boy was this easy!
I thought the name Easy Spy was just a gimmick and seemed to good to
be true but I was desperate and had to get to the bottom of things.
So I bought it! I downloaded the manual, watched the videos and was done in a few minutes. No problems...GREAT product!"

Tanya Marks, Katy TX, U.S.A.

"Easy Spy turned out to be just as easy as it says. I was surprised because
not many things do. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about about cell phones
except how to dial them. I watched the videos and followed along and I actually
did the setup all by myself! I was amazed! The real enjoyable part was getting all those text messages sent my email. Worked perfectly!"

Kathy Robinson, London, UK

"Caught her having relations with the boss at the work place, 3 hours
after activating. Fantastic and extremely easy to use."

Kristina F, Minneapolis MN, U.S.A.

"Thank you so much. I need this to prove my divorce. THANK YOU!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I thought it was going to be hard to do, but it
was simple."

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